Cracked Walls Due To Lintel Failure

The owner of this property in Southeast London got in touch with City Structural to report that the external wall at the rear of their home had developed a number of cracks running between the upper and lower floor windows. The extent of the cracking suggested more than a small amount of foundation settlement or thermal expansion and the owners were understandably concerned that this could indicate subsidence which could lead to an expensive underpinning project.

Once we attended site our engineers were able to ascertain that a cracked lintel across the top of the ground floor window was the cause of the cracking above. The cracked lintel had allowed the brickwork above to move, causing the external cracking. To replace the lintel itself would have involved a significant amount of disruption and it was decided that a Helfix tie back system would provide better value to the home owner. With a very real threat of collapse we quickly got to work to install the Helifix system as per the specification. With minimal disruption to the home owner the new Helifix structural systems were installed in two days, and the external wall was made good with colour matched mortar.