Cracking Around Bay Window

This Victorian property in London, like many others of it’s era, was experiencing cracking to the front of the structure, either side of the bay window. This is a common problem in properties across the country but particularly in the capital where Victorian housing was often put up quickly and cheaply and resulted in substandard foundations being used beneath the bay windows.

The cracking evident internally and externally on either side of the bay window made it clear to our engineers that the best solution would be to use Helifix Helibars to tie back the window on either side, attaching it to the main structure of the house in order to prevent further slippage. Twin Helibars were fitted into the front elevation of the property both above and below the window, with Helifix Bowties then used to consolidate the structure through the floor joists. Using the Helifix system meant the property was aesthetically restored as well as being structurally stabilised, still allowing normal movement but avoiding load path transfer which could result in future issues emerging elsewhere along the elevation of the property.