Retaining Wall Bowing

This retaining wall in North London had been showing signs of bowing due to insufficient drainage and poorly maintained trees. A cause for concern in any retaining wall, this was particularly urgent to address because the wall adjoined a public footpath, meaning a failure of the wall could result in injury or even death which the property owner would be liable for.

In order to avoid the extensive costs associated with taking down and rebuilding the wall, we recommended installing ABC Anchors ground anchors to secure the wall deep into the subsoil behind it. ABC Anchors ground anchors offer a fast and easy solution to shoring up a structure like this, with no curing time or mess and a seamless finish. Our full specification to manage the load in this case was to install 26 ABC ground anchors with square Pattress Plates loaded to 12 kNs, located at staggered intervals of 2m. This gave the structure the support it needed without undue disruption to the wall or surrounding area. To complete the project new bricks were inserted into the anchor pockets which were colour tinted to match the originals.