Cementitious sock anchor

Cementitious sock anchors provide a unique technical solution and are particularly suited to repairing historical buildings and rubble filled walls.

Depending on the cause of the damage, we will recommend sock anchors to repair all types of masonry problems, including walls coming away from main structures, failing archways, bridges and parapets, chimney faults, and cracking in brick work. These sock anchors are particularly suited to applications where the aesthetic integrity of the structure is important to be maintained. The delivery of the grout into the anchor inside the wall means no unsightly external hardware is left visible, as well as reducing the disruption to the surrounding area during installation.

Masonry in historical buildings often deteriorates to become unstable with walls riddled with rubble or cavities. Cementitious sock anchors can bridge these cavities, and is easily fixed, even in weak materials. The structures to be bonded are drilled into, with the sock anchor then installed across the cavity. Grout is then pumped under pressure into the sock anchor. The sock is essentially a fabric sleeveĀ  which retains the grout in such a way that the cured grout fills cavities in the substrate, providing a strong mechanical lock to the connected elements.

City Structural are approved installers of these resilient and discrete masonry repair solutions, able to quickly and neatly restore and maintain structural integrity in failing structures.