Helifix crack repair

Cracks appearing in your internal or external walls can be a cause for concern. At City Structural we have the knowledge and experience to find the cause of your cracked wall and to determine the best crack repair solution.

Cracks in walls are caused by some sort of structural movement. This could be due to environmental factors and can originate in the brickwork or the ground that supports it. Replacement doors and windows, vegetation, wall tie corrosion and age of the structure can also play a part.  Our engineers will extensively investigate the problem to identify if there is more than one factor at play, looking at possible subsidence, foundation failures, corroded wall ties or whether thermal or moisture variations could be at fault.

Once the cause of the cracked wall has been established, our engineers will determine the best course of action. This could be repairing the sub structure with underpinning or piling for below ground movement issues, or potentially reinforcing the superstructure for above ground defects, such as using wall ties or a Helibeam system to spread the structural load. Crack repair techniques such as mechanical brick stitching and resin injection can then be employed to restore the structural integrity of the wall.