Ground anchor installation

ABC Anchors ground anchors are a great solution for stabilising bulging retaining walls, preventing the wall from having to be demolished or rebuilt at great cost. CSL's approach to all types of project involves an in depth survey and full design specification as it's imperative to fully understand the loads and stresses any structure needs to sustain, before recommending a solution.

Retaining walls are often susceptible to bowing or bulging, usually down to poor drainage or foundation settlement but occasionally down to poor design or construction techniques when the wall was initially built. Regularly checking the wall for signs of sediment at the base can help to identify drainage issues before they become too serious. In the event that a retaining wall starts to fail, it is important to install remedial fortifications sooner rather than later in order to prevent further damage.

Common signs of compromised structural integrity with retaining walls include flaking or eroded masonry. This can be as a result of changes in natural thermal and moisture levels, but can reduce the strength of the wall resulting in a need to reconstruct or replace affected areas.  Similarly repointing may be required if there is significant erosion of the mortar joints between the brickwork. This can be a relatively quick and simple job providing it is caught soon enough.

Using ground anchors to reinforce is a simple and cost effective alternative rebuilding or replacing a leaning wall. With no grout involved the solution is clean and environmentally friendly as well as not requiring curing time.