City Structural are approved installers of the Helifix micro-piling system, a quick and effective solution for stabilising structures following subsidence. With minimal disruption as all works can be undertaken externally, using lightweight equipment. As with all our projects, an extensive survey is initially undertaken including soil investigations and bore holes in order to determine the most suitable solution. Micro-piles typically achieve loads of up to 220KN per pile so are suitable across a range of applications and are relatively quick and easy to install.

Installing micro-piles involves using an augur or drop hammer rig to drive the piles to the correct depth as determined by the load they will be supporting. The piles are then driven in to reach the load bearing bedrock before having L shaped brackets attached and placed under the foundations. The brackets are then jacked up until the specified safe working load is achieved, with the piles then fully supporting the building loads. The minimal disruption from this solution means it is particularly suited to environments where it would not be practical to vacate the site during installation, for example occupied residences, schools or shops.

This video shows how the Helifix DIXIE micro piles system provides structural support to a building’s foundations following subsidence. This efficient and economical method of foundation stabilisation is ideal for situations with restricted access and screws into virtually any soil type. Minimal disruption is caused by micro-piles to the building fabric or to the occupants who normally remain in the residence while work is carried out.