Concrete repair

City Structural offer an expansive concrete repair service to resolve issues such as cracking or delamination, extending the life of the structure and delaying the need for replacement. Deterioration of any concrete structure is inevitable due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration or even seismic activity, and reinstating structural integrity is vital.

We undertake concrete repairs on residential properties as well as public structures. Any concrete repair is assessed to determine the cause of the damage in order to prevent reoccurrence, and in some cases additional corrosion protection to reinforcement steel may be required. Appropriate corrosion protection and bonding primers are used before applying repair mortars to the affected area to reinstate the original function of the surface being repaired. After completing the structural repair it is often prudent to protect against future corrosion and chloride ingress by applying suitable protective coatings to the concrete.

For smaller repairs such as cracks in concrete which are allowing water ingress, we can undertake injection repairs which involves pumping suitable cement based material into the crack to seal the leak and make the structure watertight. This can be a light touch solution which can significantly extend the life of a structure without the major disruption and significant cost of more substantial repairs.